The name of the investor may be changed due to the following reasons: The name of the investor’s parent company changes; Change of investor’s name due to new investors buying contributed capital of old investors. In any case, the investor must also apply for the name change on the investment license. This article, Thanh Do Lawfirm will introduce to customers “Adjusting the investor’s name on the investment license” in accordance with the current law.


Law on investment 2014;

Decree No. No. 118/2015/NDCP provided the detailed information and instructions guide exam practice a number of articles of the Law on early investment ;

Information Circular 16/2015 / TT-BKH shall specify the form carried out manually open the first investment and press statements active dynamic first investment in Vietnam Nam


Step 1 : Instead of changing the name of the first investment on paper sign up for Business Industry

Step 2 : Substitution change the name of the first investment on paper stock getting signed up for the first private

Dossiers that adjusting name of investment in Investment Registration Certificate

(1) Information report rather change the internal capacitance sign up for business now ;

(2) The minutes of the meeting Assembly Council of Members / Conference co- administration therapy / University Association Council neck east of businesses now about the rather constant ;

(3) Decision No. of all establishments organic / Association Council of Members / University Assembly co ancient east / Council co- administration therapy for the replacement exchange ;

(4) List of the members / neck east Light up the company / stock winter home is the first private water outside / person university area of delegated authority of the member , ancient east is held office ;

(5) Paper sheets confirm receive the contributed capital of the member new / Home Base useful new / old eastern New of the company;

(6) A copy of valid decision on the establishment or paper stock getting signed up for joint industrial or paper sheet relative or another , the stars of practice one of the paper sheet stock actually fish ‘s provisions specified in Article 10 of Decree No. This of people age area under delegated authority and decided to delegate the right to future applications for with the members is held office or a copy of valid one in the paper sheet stock actually fish ‘s provisions specified in Article 10 of Decree No. it ‘s the staff ‘s fish workers ;

(7) Office of the Department of Design Planning and Investment Investment approved agreement on the contribution of capital , buy shares part , part of capital contribution of the first private water outside .

(8) In cases where instead changed into members by moving hefty share capital contribution comes under the Co- dong transfer assignment or the paper sheet stock invention has completed all the transferred concessions ;


1) A written request for adjustment of the Investment Registration Certificate;

(2) Report on the implementation of the investment project up to the time of request for investment project adjustment;

(3) Decision on adjustment of the investor’s investment project;

(5) Authenticated copy of Investment registration certificate (01 copy)

(6) Original Investment Registration Certificate (all originals are returned to the Investment Registration Office when getting results).

(7) Certificate of tax registration (For projects that have not yet been issued with an Investment Registration Certificate and Enterprise Registration Certificate);

(8) Authenticated copy of Business registration certificate (01 copy);

(9) Investment report (Submit online on;

(10) Documents confirming full capital contribution up to the time of adjustment: Authenticated copy of audited financial statement closest to the time of adjustment or bank’s confirmation that investor has fully contributed capital.

(11) Authenticated copy of passport of new investor, representative of new investor; Notarized translation with certified true copy of the business registration certificate or similar establishment document of the institutional investor.